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Hello dear Volcania players!

As you may know, we are in a search of new recruits to our Staff teams (Moderator, Builder and Tester). This thread is dedicated to those who may not know how to apply or may just be looking for tips for their application. Please note that not everything will be stated here and you won't be spoon fed the sentences you need to write in your application. Your application is not an essay so you don't need to get everything right to get accepted! You can apply every 2 weeks.

Another note to be understood is that this thread is mostly for players that are aiming for the Moderator position so it might not state some of the tips that you might think of for different application sections (builder and tester).

Firstly, you must meet the current requirements for the position that you wish to apply. You can find all the requirements that you must meet at the application page just above all the questions. If you do not meet the requirements you will get denied.

1. Grammar
Grammar is a very important factor in your application. We know that not everyone's first language is English, however if you insist to becoming a Staff member, you must be able to speak fluently in English. If you can not do that, you will have a lower chance of getting accepted. Another note should be that if we can not understand what you are saying in your application, if you have very bad grammar, spelling and sentence structure we might not be able to read your application properly and won't be able to deem if you are fit for the position. If you do not have good spelling, grammar and sentence structure you will get denied. If we can at least understand what you meant to say in your sentences, we'll be able to read your application and deem if you will get accepted or denied.

2. Sentence structure
Sentence structure is also a crucial detail of your application. As said above, if we can not understand what you are saying, your application will get denied. You should also try to use full sentences and you should not avoid detail. If you remove the details, we might not understand the point you're trying to prove. Instead of using sentences like "I am good at moderating", you should use sentences like "I have a good understanding of how to moderate a server and have experience in moderating.".

3. Activity
As a Staff member, you are expected to be active at least 2 hours each day which would amount to 14 hours of activity per week. That being said, that is only the amount of hours that you need to be active server wise. Being active on the server, forums and discord will increase your chances of getting accepted. For an even bigger chance of acceptance, you should interact with the community on the server, discord or forums (or if you're a perfectionist everywhere).

4. Experience and Knowledge
Having experience in moderating Servers (Minecraft wise), Discord servers and the Forum community is a huge plus for your application. Although that doesn't mean that we won't accept players that are new to moderating and do not have a lot of experience. We will welcome newcomers with open arms if we think that their application is good enough and they could be given a shot at being Staff. Knowledge is also a huge factor that will help you in your application. The more you know, the better. If you've been a part of the community for a long time, you will most likely understand more than newcomers which will insure that you will be able to answer questions that might be asked by the players. Although most people just skip ahead all the details in their applications about these 2 factors. If you do skip details on for example what tasks you needed to do, we will not be able to understand what you have been doing and are capable of doing.

5. Maturity
Maturity is an optional factor but if you are mature, you will have a higher chance of getting accepted. Of course, you should also act mature in game if you're answering questions but don't take it overboard and be mature all the time if you don't want to. Fake emotions aren't the best and might harm your own way of thinking.

That's all for now. This post will most likely not get edited unless necessary. Hopefully these tips will be helpful if you decide to make an application!
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