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Welcome to the FAQ (Frequently asked questions)! Here we answer some of the most asked questions by members or the Staff team! This is also a good place to check back since more questions will get answered that people suggest! More information about how you can get your own question featured at the end of the post. You can also find this list in the frequently-asked-questions chat on Discord (still work in progress) Either way, lets start.

1) How do I apply for Staff (Moder, Builder, Tester)?
You can apply at the forums by clicking the "Apply for Staff" button at the index or you can simply go to the direct link at volcania.cf/apply. This will send you to the application page where you must choose a position you are trying to apply to! To do that, simply click one of the three buttons and it will re-direct you to the application page. There you will need to fill in the information that is asked. Remember that lying is not acceptable and will automatically get your application denied. Therefore, do not lie! If you are to ask where and how we use this information, then click the spoiler below.
If you were to fill in an application, don't worry - your information is secure and can only be accessed by the Heads of the section you applied to (and the Owners too). That is, if you were to apply for Tester, only the current "Head of Testers" would be able to see the information. That is, excluding the Owners of course. And no, we don't share this information with anyone outside of Volcania. The only reason why we need this information is to determine whether or not you are suited for the position that you are applying to!

2) What is the process of the Staff application?
After applying, we will review your application in a few days (1-7 days). That is, if we're not busy. If we are, this might take up to a month or more so please be patient. If you ask us to review your application, we will deny it so please don't bug us about it! If your application has not received a reply after 2 or more months, you can presume that you were denied. If you were however accepted, you will receive a reply to the email that you provided us at the start of the application, so make sure to fill in a email that YOU can access so you will be able to receive the notice that you were accepted. If you were denied, we will also send you an email with tips and information about your application and how you could improve. Moving on, if you were accepted in your application stage, you will move onto the interview stage. We will plan an interview and you will undergo some questioning by the Heads of the section you applied to. After that, you will receive notice after a few days saying if you were accepted or denied. If you were accepted, you will receive your rank on the server, discord and forums!

3) When will the server release?
We're not sure of a current release date, but we're planing on releasing the server this or the next month. We will of course update you on all the news of the server's release date on the Discord server so make sure to join and keep a look out in the announcements tab.

4) Official links
Forums: volcania.cf
Discord: https://discord.gg/FJtn8GD
Store: store.volcania.cf
Server IP: volcania.cf

5) Staff rank order
Staff ranks might be a bit difficult to understand, so here is the order:
The lowest and the rank that applicants (not including Builder) will get after getting accepted is Moder 1 or Tester 1. They will also be on trail which will turn into a full rank after a few days or weeks of showing that they can be trusted.
After a while, they will get promoted to Moder 2 or Tester 2. They will of course have more permissions in the server and discord.
After getting promoted again, they will move on to Moder 3 or Tester 3.
They might end their journey there, but there's one more Moderator / Tester rank that they could achieve which is the Head position. Although not everyone will get promoted to this position since there can only be 1 or 2 Heads of a position. If a Head resigns, a Moder 3 or Tester 3 might get promoted and take their position. The Heads can also be dethroned or demoted. In case of that happening, another Tester or Moder will also take their place!

6) Where do I find the rules?
You can find the rules in the forums or the discord server. You can find the link of the discord server above under "official links". Although, I'd suggest viewing the forums since they not only tell you the rules, but also state the punishments. To go to the rules in the forums, simply go to this link or go to the direct link: https://volcania.cf/index.php?pages/rules-server/!

7) I got punished unfairly! How do I get unbanned / unmuted?
You can get unbanned or unmuted by making a ban appeal in the "Ban appeal" section of the forums. You can get there but clicking this or by going to the direct link:
https://volcania.cf/index.php?forums/ban-appeals/. Make sure to fill in all the information that is requested and state proof of your false punishment so we could resolve your issue faster.

8) Where can I find the allowed modification list?
The allowed modification list can be found at the forums. You can get there, by clicking this or by going to the direct link: https://volcania.cf/index.php?threads/allowed-modification-list.19/#post-76. If you forget, you can also just check the "rules" section of the Discord server since you will be able to find a link there too!

9) I found a issue / bug within the server, discord or forums! How do I report it?
You can report all of your found bugs or issues to any Core Staff on the Discord server. Please don't make posts on the forums or announce the bugs with much detail in the server since that way you could get punished for distributing information about bugs! If you were about to message a Core staff about your issue, please provide as much detail as possible so we could help you faster and get the issue resolved!

10) How can I vote?
You can vote by going to volcania.cf/vote. You will find all of the instructions on how to vote there! Don't forget that you will also get rewards for voting!

11) Where can I find the ban list?
You can find the ban by going to bans.volcania.cf! There, you will be able to view your or anyone else's punishments!

That's it for now. If you have questions or concerns about the current FAQ, you can always just comment on this thread. Please don't start talking random nonsense since your posts will get deleted that way! If you have a question that you'd like to get answered in this post, simply contact me on Discord or post it on this thread!
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