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We mentioned that we would punish players for using "blacklisted modifications" on our server so you might have questioned yourself what modifications (mods) are allowed, and which are not. This post is just about that. Remember, not all the mods/clients that might be allowed are listed here. Only a few that are mostly known and used by the community. If you'd like to get more mods or clients in this list that are already not mentioned, you can always message a Core Staff member in the Discord or Forums! You could also contact us at [email protected].

The list of allowed modifications on

These are modifications that in no way give a physical advantage against another player. Again, if you have a modification in mind that should be added to this list, message a Core Staff or contact us via email at [email protected].

Like: ArmorStatusHUD, CheatBreakerHUD, StatusEffectHUD, BetterHUD, DirectionHUD, KeyStrokes, CPS mods etc.
HUD mods that show Player HP, distance from the target or that would give you a general advantage against the other player are not allowed!
Other HUD mods are allowed if they do not give any type of advantage in a fight. Although you could count knowing your Armor, Effect or direction an advantage in a fight, it generally does not change the outcome of the fight. If the mod does however change the fight process / outcome, for example knowing how much HP the player has left so you could take advantage of that and either flee from the fight or keep fighting since they have lower health than you, then it would be counted as a blacklisted modification on the server.

Like: Optifine, BetterFPS, Frames+ etc.
Modifications with the main purpose to boost your in game FPS (Frames per second).

Like: MouseDelay Fix, Memory Fix, PlayerAPI, BspkrsCore, Forgelin, CreativeCore etc.
These are modifications that fix general Minecraft or your installed modification issues. This list also includes modifications that are needed to support other modifications of a mod creator.

Like: BlockOverlay, CrossHair customization mods, 1.7 animation mods, ToggleChat, ChatBubbles, Shaders, Better Foliage, ItemPhysics, CustomSkies mods, TabbyChat, Chunk Animator, ClearGlass mods, ScreenShot mod etc.
These are mods that only give more customization to Minecraft. Use of minimaps is strictly forbidden!

Like: ReplayMod, PerspectiveMod etc.
Modifications mainly used by people that create videos, time lapses, montages etc.

Like: ToggleSprint, ToggleSneak, BetterSprint, ToggleChat etc.
These modifications allow you to toggle certain Minecraft game parts like sprinting and sneaking.

Modification clients allowed on

These clients are a gathering of modifications that else would be allowed by the allowed modification list. Yet again, this is not a full list. Other clients that in no way give an advantage to the player are also allowed.

Allowed clients: 5zig, Badlion Client, LabyMod (2.6+ only), Hyperium.
These clients are modification gatherings or custom mods made by the client creator.

This post might get updated in the near future and not every update might get announced so please do check back frequently!
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