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Server Rules

Volcania Network is intended to be a friendly and welcoming
community. To meet these expectations, we have rules that
make it so our games will be welcoming and friendly to all players!

1- Obscene Language:
As a way of making our server child friendly, we prevent use of any obscene language.
Using obscene language in public or private chat will get you punished.

Abbreviations of swearing terms are no exception!

Punishment: Warning >> 5 to 45 minutes mute!

2- Insults:
No one would like to hear others insulting them and that would create a rude environment for the server.
Therefore, do not insult or humiliate players in public or private chat!
Punishment: Warning >> 10 to 60 minutes mute.

3- Insult of Staff:
We strongly disagree with any kind of insults to our Staff team.
If you believe the Staff member misunderstood something, feel free
to explain the issue CALMLY so we could get your issue sorted!
Punishment: 7 days ban!

4- Insulting the server:
It is forbidden to insult the server. If you don't like it, that is your
opinion and that gives you no right to insult it. If you have any issues or suggestions
that you believe would improve the server, make sure to suggest them.
Punishment: 30 minutes mute >> 1 day ban!

5- Advertising:
Volcania Network is not an advertisement board.
Therefore, you can not advertise other projects except the Volcania server.
That includes other projects social media, forums, discord or any other links/IP addresses.
Exception: it is allowed to mention the server's name in public chat
(unless you're directly saying that players should join that server or are posting it's IP address or other links in chat)
if it has more players than the current Volcania Network.
Punishment: Permanent ban!

6- Overuse of caps lock:
Overusing caps lock can be really annoying and a form of disrespect.
Therefore, do not overuse Caps lock in your messages.
Use of 4 and lower capitalized letters is not considered overuse of Caps.
Punishment: Warning >> 5 to 30 minutes mute!

7- Flood or Spam:
Spamming the same message over and over is very annoying and it would flush away
the more important messages that are not repeated. Use of 7 or more of the same character is considered flood.
Repeating or writing a similar message 4 or more times is considered spam.
Punishment: Warning >> 5 to 30 minutes mute!

8- Begging:
Do not beg for privileges, ranks, items etc.
Begging from both players or staff is not allowed!
Punishment: Warning >> 5 to 20 minutes mute!

9- Offensive Topics:
As a family friendly server, you need to respect yourself and all other players that play.
Therefore, you should not talk about sensitive or offensive topics with other players.
Punishment: Warning >> 15 to 60 minutes mute!

Do not be racist or offensive towards religions, cultures, players..etc
Punishment: Warning >> 1 to 2 hours mute.

10- Organized Spam or Flood:
If you're hosting a giveaway, poll or anything of the sort, you should use private chatting.
If you don't, it will create spam in the chat and more or less important messages will be flushed down by it.
Therefore, do not organize flood or spam unless it's in a private chat.
Punishment: Warning >> 10 to 20 minutes mute!

11- Threats:
Do not attempt to make any form of threats against other players on the server!
Abbreviations of threat terms are no exception.
Punishment: Warning >> 30 minutes mute >> 1 day ban!

Do not encourage suicide or harm - abbreviations of suicide terms are no exception!
Punishment: Warning >> 15 minutes mute >> 45 minutes mute >> 1 day ban!

1- Forbidden In-Game Name:
The server disallows players to use certain usernames. They are disallowed mainly because
they would be a way of advertisement, they would be offensive or they would be misleading. A username is disallowed if:

  • It contains a name(s) of other Minecraft server(s) or if it encourages a player to join another server.
  • It contains staff role names (Ex.: Owner, Moderator, Moder, Builder etc.)
  • It contains any foul, racist, insulting (etc) words.
  • It contains more than 10 random characters.
Punishment: Permanent ban!

For any users that got banned by this rule and would want to play on the server, click here to redirect to a post dedicated to this topic.

2- Using multiple accounts (ALTS):
The use of more than 2 accounts on our server is forbidden.
Although there is an exception: if you'd like to have an alternative account, you must
name the other account "YourMainAccountNameHere_Alt" (for example: "abode_alt").
Otherwise, you are in a risk of getting your second account banned permanently!
Punishment: Permanent ban for the alt account ONLY!

3- Forbidden item names:
Giving away items with immoral or forbidden names is a sign of disrespect and it is not allowed on the server.
Therefore, do not sell, trade, giveaway or auction items containing immoral or forbidden names!
Items are considered forbidden if they:

  • Contain other Minecraft server names, IP addresses or their links.
  • Contain insults or foul words that otherwise would be disallowed by the Chat rules.
  • Contain sexually offensive or racist words.
  • Contain threats or encourage suicide.
Punishment: Warning >> 1 day ban!

4- Provoking Players To Break Rules:
Provoking other players to break the rules is not allowed.
It will not only get the provoker punished, but it will also punish the person that broke the rules
(if they did end up breaking the rules).
Punishment: Warning >> 30 to 60 minutes mute!

5- Bypassing Punishments:
If you got punished, there must be a good reason behind your punishment.
We do not punish players because we dislike them. We punish players for ruining the fun for others on the server.
If you believe your ban was a mistake, you should simply make a ban appeal so we could fix our mistake.
If you do bypass your punishment however, you will receive an even bigger punishment.
Punishment: Permanent ban for the bypassing account plus a doubled previous punishment for your main account!

6- Distributing information about bugs, exploits, dupes, glitches:
Distributing information about bugs, dupes, glitches etc. is strictly forbidden as it may lead to huge amounts of damage
to the servers economy. This rule also applies if you abuse the actual glitch yourself to have an advantage above other players!
Punishment: 2 days ban >> 7 days ban >> 30 days ban >> Permanent ban and this might result in island deletion.

If you’ve found an exploit or issue on the server, Discord or forums, please contact a Core Staff Member on Discord. Please include as much detail as possible.

7- Selling accounts:
The server is not an auction house where you can sell or buy accounts.
Therefore, do not sell or buy accounts on the server!
Punishment: Permanent ban for the account being sold!

8- Hacking of Accounts:
Hacking or even attempting to hack a players account is NOT allowed. We will not take this lightly and punish you without fail.
Not that you will be able to crack through our protection ;)
Punishment: Permanent IP-ban of the hackers account.

9- Immoral Builds:
Building any immoral builds on our server will lead you to get banned on our server!
Punishment: 1 day ban >> 3 days ban!

10- Griefing
Do not try to grief other player's islands!
Punishment: 1 day ban!

11- Unsafe spawn locations:
Do not make your island spawn location on an edge, in the air or purposely grief players when they spawn at your island.
Punishment: 2 days ban >> 4 days ban >> island removal and 6 days ban!

12- Teaming:
Do NOT team with other another player in a no-teaming zone such as pvp arena..etc.
We disallow this because it would give a huge advantage to you in combat.
Punishment: 1 day ban for both players who were teaming!

13- Afk(ing):
Please don't be AFK while you're in the mob arena, parkour or in the PvP arena.
Exception: You are allowed to AFK in the mob arena for a maximum of 2 minutes!
Punishment: A small tiny nice kick! :>

14- Cheating:
The use of any hacked clients, blacklisted mods or texture packs that give an advantage above other players is not allowed!
Punishment: 30 days ban!

Faking use of cheats is no excuse for an unban if you were banned for cheating.

15- Skins:
Do not use any immoral, racist or explicit skins on the server.
Punishment: Warning >> 4 hours ban and foreceful skin change from the moderator >> 1 day ban!

You can change your skin by using the /skin set [Premium User] command.

16- Causing server lag:
Creating and using any type and form of lag machine or hacked client that has a server crash function is forbidden!
Even attempting to crash the server might cause you to get punished!
Punishment: 1 to 3 days ban >> 5 days ban and removal of the island!

17- The use of a forbidden island name:
We forbid use of any island names if they:

  • Contain names of other servers.
  • Contain words like moder, owner etc.
  • Contain foul, racists, insulting (ect.) words.
  • Contain more than 10 random characters.
Punishment: Warning >> 1 day ban >> 3 days ban >> island removal!

1- The provocation of a moderator for a punishment
Do not ask and provoke staff members to get you punished for nothing and don't get mad if we ignore your messages.
We don't simply mute players for nothing. We only punish players if they broke a rule on the server. Please understand that!
Punishment: Warning >> 10 to 30 minutes mute >> 1 day ban!

2- Deceiving staff members:
If you deceive a staff member and lie while reporting an issue or fake your proof of a hacker
or other rule breaker report, you will get punished. We check all proof before punishing and although
we might sometimes make mistakes, we mostly punish players rightfully.
Punishment: 1 day ban >> 3 days ban >> 7 days ban!

3- Obstructing the work of staff members:
Do not obstruct the work of Staff members. Staff members usually have a lot of work to deal with
and can not reply to everything, so please don't pile them up with random messages that might get in the way of their work.
Punishment: 30 to 80 minutes mute!

Repeated Rule Breaking will result in your previous punishment being doubled!

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